Curious George

Sometimes, nostalgia is the enemy of truth. 

We remember foods, movies, books from childhoods with revere and wonder, that if unearthed from the mines of our memories to stand before us today would disintegrate before our eyes, wither on our tongues.

Like Indiana Jones movies and liverwurst sandwiches.

Peanut butter, bananas and chocolate, though, not only sit politely on the shelves of our memories, but present today as flawlessly as ever, enhanced by reality.

I couldn't tell you the first time I ate bananas with peanut butter and chocolate, but I certainly remember the last.

These cookies, namesakes of another literary tchotchke in my own collection of nostalgias, are more delicious than the extent of possibility. The perfect symbiosis of nostalgia and reality.

They're creamy, like the first scoop of peanut butter from a fresh jar, and studded with hand-chopped, roasted peanuts. Fresh buttercream, the kind we licked from the bowl on our birthdays, lifts their chewy density. Now, though, bright banana flavor bursts through, tethered only by the rich, sophisticated bitterness of dark chocolate.

These cookies straddle the chasm between childhood enthusiasm and adult appreciation, hugging them together in one perfect bite.

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